A well-trained dog makes for a happier dog and a happier owner!

All dogs think in the same way and are instinctively pack animals, so someone always, needs to be the “leader of the pack”.  That leader should be you.  Your dog will be more relaxed, have a better quality of life and will behave better if it is clear to him who’s in charge.

Everyone in your family needs to learn the training and be consistent or the dog will take charge of some of the family members himself.  A poorly behaved dog is never the fault of the dog; it’s the fault of the owner for not having him trained properly.

You see dogs in charge all the time – any time you see a dog is walking in front of the human, that dog is in charge – as they say, the dog is walking their human.

We can train your dog on any behavioral issues – as described below, but without training the owner and their family too, the training will not stick and the dog will become confused.

Basic Dog Obedience Training Includes:

  • Leader of the Pack by Patricia McConnell

  • Stop Leash Pulling - Effectively correcting begins process of changing your dog’s habits and perception of his place in your “pack”.

  • Down Command - First command you should teach your dog after you’ve successfully corrected pulling on the leash. This command is critical to effective training as it starts to build a solid foundation of respect for you as your dog’s leader

  • Stay Command - Teaches dog to stay until you release them.

  • Relax Command - Teaches your dog to remain calm (despite distractions) in a casual standing position without losing his freedom to move about.

  • Sit Command - Many dog owners use the Sit command too often. Dog should learn to sit automatically every time you stop. Whenever you need to leave your dog in a stationary position for any more than a minute or two, use the Down Command for the comfort of the dog

  • Come Command - A Come command is only used when you need your dog to return to you and stay by your side.

  • Heel Command – Teaches your dog to walk right beside or slightly behind you with loose training line or leash.

Some common equipment that is totally useless is:

  • Choke collar
  • Pinch Collar​
  • Retractable Leash

Once your dog has had the basic training, you might want to consider having more advanced training done too. 

Advanced Obedience Training Can Include:

  • Off Leash Walking
  • Down and Extended Down​
  • Retrieving (Fun Fetch Ball)
  • Swimming
  • Barking, begging, or bolting
  • Crazy in crate or car, counter surfing
  • Chewing, licking or nipping
  • Digging, chasing cars/bikes
  • Jumping, separation anxiety.

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Training Package

  • Basic Training - $75/sessions 
  • Advanced Training - $75/session

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