20 (30 min) Walks - 1 dog -$380 dogs ($19/walk)- 2 dogs - $460 ($23/walk)

(extra $2 per visit for each additional dog)

​Dog Walking Packages - (30 minute walks)

Dog Walking

Bonded and Insured through Pet Sitter Associates, LLC

Happy Paw Dog Walk - 30 minutes - $20

​Includes teaching dog how to walk without pulling on leash

​($5 extra for each additional dog)

​​Happy Paw Dog Walk/Potty Break - 20 minutes - $18 ​($5 extra for each additional dog)

Hikes with your dog- will pick up and take up to 5 dogs. The most common hikes would be Mt. Sanitas, Royal Arches, Mesa and Marshall Trails. This activity is 2-3 hours long and would be sure to tucker your doggie out. Dogs must complete Basic Training and/or be trained already with no dog aggression.

Hikes - $35/per dog

​​​Email: happypaws333@gmail.com
Call or text: 303-570-9276

​We know just how much you love your dog, and with us they'll be treated like royalty every time we come to visit with them, even if it's just a short day visit. 

Dogs need exercise, just like us, in order to be happy, fit and healthy.  Walks also help them burn off excess energy and help keep them at their ideal weight.

Happy Paws Dog Sitting